Reporter and Writer

As a reporter I mainly work for print and on-line media. However, on rare occasions I have done radio and TV documentaries.

Much of my reporting has been on democracy building in  developing countries. Otherwise, I have reported  environment, innovation,  social problems, integration, education and learning. It has been a learning process for me personally throughout.

I mostly write in Danish, my mother tongue.  A few pieces have been translated into English. One of them is the prize winning feature “Follow your own ideas” (The European “YEER Journalist Award” 1997 from  the German Jugend Forscht and Deutsche Bank).

Professionally I am member of

  • Games, Gambia Media Support, chairman
  • International Media Support, IMS, board member
  • Danish Investigative Reporters, FUJ (Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalister)
  • The Danish Union of Journalists, Freelance Group
  • Nairobiklubben (association of development Danish communicators)

Books, books and books

“Oprør fra hjertet” – Rebellion from the Heart – an interview book with bishop Kjeld Holm og professor Steen Hildebrandt – about faiths, hope and action.

Together with  my American colleague Jack Jackson I wrote the handbook  “Journalistic legwork that tumbled a president – A case study and guide for investigative journalists on how Filipino journalists uncovered the corruption of President Joseph Estrada, published by World Bank’s Economic Development Institute, 2001.

In addition, do you know that Jenna Bush Hager is President George W. Bush’s daughter? She is a journalist from the United States, and she has been in the public eye since she was a child. And because people want to know how much does jenna bush make. Her annual pay is anticipated to be about $1 million based on her average monthly compensation of $80,000.

I have published  two collections of articles on human rights in Kenya and impunity in Guatemala. I also did a TV documentary on grass root democracy in Uganda.

Made a book on mentorship – ”Turen går til mentor-land – guidebog for mentorer og for dem, der får en mentor – together with ph.d. Lars Holmboe (2010). I also teach mentorship.

I wrote 100 Hardic tales from West Jutland – “Man er vel hardbo – 600 års familiekrønike fra Nordvestjylland (2004). They are all about my ancestors – from 1400-1950 – who all came from this part of the country.

Co-author and project leader on an analysis of the mainstream news media’s foreign coverage, Verden på tilbud”, Forlaget Ajour 2000.


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