If you are looking for change, creativity and a bit of fun – preferably all in one – then I bid you welcome to my page.

Change has been the underlying theme throughout my career. Change at home and change abroad. As ridiculous as it may sound, I try to change the world for the better. On my own scale.

Basically, I am a reporter. A classic, critical reporter, not a reporter “light”.

For quite some years, however, development, training, and communication have become my main fields of action.

There is always a purpose for my activities. To me, the most creative part of a process is to find out where we are heading – and how to get there. The rest is work, not boring work, but implementation.

The challenge is to aim for the best possible solution under the given circumstances. Directions and structures pave the way for creative, sensitive, and humorous processes – whether it is teaching, communication, development or, for that matter, producing results. The alternative reminds me a bit of Monty Python’s Silly Oplympics: “100 yards for people with no sense of directions”.   

At other times the process itself drives the creativity and change – for instance when exploration is more interesting than the known, and when the question poses more value than the immediate answers.

So please, feel free to ask any questions …