I am a change maker. I can’t help starting new things.

Entrepreneurship is fun and creative. I often tell myself that what I do is important. Professionally I arrange conferences, networking, study tours and even events – making real events for the sake of an idea, not media stunts.

Activist. When the projects get too big to handle for a single man and his friends, I form an organization, for example:

International Media Support. By far the greatest project I have run up is the media organisation IMS. It all began with a reporting assignment to war-torn ex-Yugoslavia during the wars in the 1990s. Persecuted colleagues asked for help, while other colleagues actively forged the conflict with nationalistic propaganda. The international society helplessly watched it happen. We had to do something! The world needed an international aid organisation that could support such media in conflict. Back home I started advocating for the organization and after some years it was a reality. Today IMS is one of the biggest players in the world of international media organisations – and I have been on the board until 2022. See more at www.mediasupport.org.

Games (Gambia Media Support). Some years later I started Games, a small but very active NGO of volunteer media practitioners supporting colleagues in The Gambia. The idea was conceived during one of many professional travels to the tiny West African country. Every year I came, a new president of Gambia Press Union asked if I could do something to assist them. And when Deyda Hydara was shot, I had to do something. The country is not only the smallest in Africa; it is also one of the poorest and is left behind by most development organizations. Here it was possible to make a difference, even for a small colleague2colleague organization.

Watch the film “The Gambian Danish Connection” here:

And see more films on Games’ work in The Gambia here.

John Cleese Society of Aarhus & Omegn. This is the funniest. It is a totally meaningless organization, which nevertheless organized two gigantic John Cleese Festivals in Aarhus – with participation from the man himself. Otherwise, the society is notorious for not conducting any meetings whatsoever.

Our mission is to send up a hot air balloon portraying the head of John Cleese; it will glide over the cities and the lands, leaving all looking up with a smile on their faces. So, there’s the meaning: a good deed and a smile. Mind you, most smiles start with a smile. So far, we have collected more than 10.000 Euro for the purpose, so we are on the way, but please help us, we need 100.000 more. I am the general inspector of the society and the fundraising Head of Office for Other People’s Money.  See more at www.Cleese.dk.

Interviewing Cleese on stage. Photo: Jens Tønnesen